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Glossary of Terms

Akerton: A padded and quilted, long sleeved shirt worn under Armour that normally reaches from hips to mid thigh.

Arm Defenses: Plate, hardened leather, splint bracer or long mail sleeves reaching to the wrist

Arming Cap: Padded cap worn under coif or helmet, same construction as an Akerton

Aventail: A curtain of mail attached around the base of a helmet.

Basinet Helm: An open-faced helmet with a globular or conial skull enclosing the sides of the face and neck. Usually worn with an Aventail and sometimes a visor.

Brigadine: See Coat of Plates

Coat of Plates: Cloth or leather tunic with steel or hardened leather plates riveted to the inside. Later versions (circa 1400 - 1500's) called a Brigadine

Coif: A hood of mail, sometimes of leather

Gamberson: A thicker more padded version of an Akerton, which can be worn as Armour on its own or with mail or plate on the top of it.

Gauntlet: Steel plate, mail or hardened leather reinforced gloves or mittens

Great Helm: An all-enveloping helmet

Hardened Leather: Also called 'Cuir Bouilli'. Leather hardened by boiling in water or wax

Hauberk: A mail shirt reaching to somewhere between knee and hip with sleeves which can be from elbow to wrist in length

Heater Shield: Triangular, curved shield that has the appearance of an iron

Kettle helm: An open-faced helmet consisting of a bowl with a broad brim

Shield: Made of ply, covered in canvas and of heater type. Uncovered will be accepted for practice sessions

Splint Armour: Leather Armour reinforced with steel strips

Steel Cap: Light conial steel helmet