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Remaking Gauntlets


Part 1.

By Morgan Fisher

I thought it would be good to share this with the club as it may help others to learn from my mistakes.

While technically not hand made I began the project of stripping down my cheap eBay gauntlets, throwing away anything that wasn't steel and making them into something more useful and safe. I should state that I have no idea what I am doing and this will be a process of trial and error but for anyone wanting to try this for themselves the individual components are not too hard to make.

 Since all the finger lames began to fall off the leather backing I took to the rest with the bench grinder and had a nice pile of rusty little pieces of steel. Using a wire brush on the grinder I soon got them, the back of the hand plate and the cuffs looking shiny and new .

I then traced my hand onto some leather, making sure I allowed plenty to attach the hand plate and cuff too. This will be the backing for all the steel pieces when I re-attach them. I will then rivet / stitch a padded leather glove to that.

I used a leather punch set to the same size as the rivets I was using to put the hole's in ‘my leather hand’ so that even if the hole wears a little around the rivet everything should hold together.

If you look closely at the back of the leather you can see I used washes to back the leather and stop my rivet from pulling through.


I have since realized that I may have to cut the thumb off and re-attach it further around to make it more comfortable when holding a weapon. I have noticed that a lot of the blacksmith made gauntlets actually mount them much further around with a small cupboard door hinge! 


Time will tell if I need to move it. When I mount the plate for the back of the hand to the leather I'll  see how things feel and go from there.

But that is part 2…